Rosi’s Bio

I was born in the beautiful province of Bahia, Brazil. In my early twenties I immigrated to the United States where I lived and worked in the Boston area. While at first I gathered experience in the gastronomy sector, I soon started school to become a Nursing Assistant. After my certification as a CNA, I began working in a high-end nursing home. In efforts to ease the aches and pains of patients, I discovered that they found great comfort and relief through massage. Inspired by this experience, I became encouraged to attend a 12 month training course at the Spa Tech Institute in Westboro, from where I graduated in 2009 as a licensed Massage Therapist. Over the past years I have gained a great deal of experience, but I also keep myself up do date with continuing education and workshops; for example at the Bancroft School of Massage in Worcester where I was trained in Hot Stone Massage. For the past two years I have been working at Holmes Place, as well as at my own private practice here in Zurich, Switzerland, where I live with my husband Stefan.